Working Agreement Activity

    Tell your participants that as a group, you will now agree on team-wide agreements from the Candidates column on the whiteboard. Teamwork agreements minimize friction between teammates. The agreement gives all team members a model for what is expected during their daily work. A good work agreement can also help the most controversial teams come together to achieve great results. They can also be used to introduce new team members more quickly into the group culture, as he or she has a list to which it is possible to refer. This agreement can be reviewed during a team`s sprint retrospective and modified if necessary. In particular, if one team has passed one of the Section 11 agreements, it can be withdrawn and another can be selected for it. I hope you find this useful and feel free to give all the comments to do better. A team work agreement is therefore put in place, much like I would do a regular retrospective meeting. To set up the stage, I will remind the team of the subject. And the question is how the team wants to work together in the future. Take the first post-it from the “Team-wide Candidates” column and ask them to make a five-punch ballot: if three participants are counted, they should vote one to five, five if you agree, 1 if you disagree. Describe the purpose of the exercise.

    I like to use the following introduction and description of what a work agreement is and how it can benefit a team: team members work together to generate ideas about effective behaviors at work, then choose five to seven chords to lead interactions or team processes. This exercise allows all participants to establish, discuss and maintain team agreements. It can work well for co-located or remote teams. It is important to remind the team that these actions are not even cancelled. They can (and should) change when we know more about cooperation. Retrospectives are a good time for action that changes an existing labour agreement if we recognize that it is an obstacle to better cooperation. I like to allow a team work agreement when a new team has just been formed or a team has undergone big changes, such as teammates leaving and/or joining new ones. And sometimes I would facilitate this meeting for teams that don`t do so well to shake things up and give them a fresh start. People are unique, so each team will probably find a different work agreement. While what works for a team will certainly not work for all teams, many agreements have rules similar to those: The most important part of developing a work agreement is that it must be implemented by the whole team. If you`re a decision maker or influencer on your team, it`s easy to do.

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