Visiting Forces Agreement Editorial

    Alliances are based on common goals, values and long-term national interests and should go beyond the short-term problems of individual administrations. As the VFA advocates in the cabinet have pointed out, any unilateral provision of the agreement can be corrected through negotiations. President Duterte maintains friendly relations with his US counterpart Donald Trump. You can discuss the issue of VFA with friendship in mind, both at the personal and national level. A3: Both countries signed the VFA in 1998. It offers simplified access procedures in the Philippines for U.S. service providers on official stores (for example. B U.S.-Philippines bilateral training or military exercises), and it provides a number of procedures to solve problems that may be present due to the U.S. military in the Philippines. Second, it is not clear whether the president has the constitutional authority to repeal an international agreement ratified by the Philippine Senate. Senators still disagree on whether Duterte can unilaterally terminate the VFA and have even proposed that the Supreme Court weigh in on the legality of Duterte`s decision.

    “This agreement remains in effect until the expiry of 180 days from the date on which one party notifies the other party in writing its wish to terminate the contract.” The U.S. military operates in about 100 countries around the world through the Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA). Similarly, the VFA defines the rules, guidelines and legal status of the U.S. military when operating in the Philippines. The VFA also reaffirms the 1951 Mutual Defence Treaty and the 2014 Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement – agreements that allow the U.S. military to conduct joint exercises and operations in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Bagares argued that executive agreements based on the VFA “would have no leg to stand on” if the VFA were abolished. – with reports from Sofia Tomacruz/ Manila and Washington now have 180 days to renegotiate the VFA before its expiration. Repeated criticism of the VFA by civil society groups could provide Duterte and its allies with some political cover to adapt the terms of the agreement.

    However, the Philippine president will find it difficult to eliminate the VFA for the long term due to domestic opposition and broader strategic concerns. The VFA also provides for a reciprocal or contrary agreement, signed on 9 October 1998.

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