Gsa Schedule Reseller Agreement

    Gsa Schedule Reseller Agreement

    The indirect model debate attracted a great deal of attention following a 2007 OIG report, which suggested that the use of indirect channels was primarily a way for potential contractors to avoid the federal government`s contractual pricing and compliance requirements; However, there are many reasons for a manufacturer to use indirect channels to reach its federal government customers. Some of these reasons are: customer knowledge and dealer relationships; Dealer`s access to federal contract vehicles; and the manufacturer`s potential lack of knowledge and customer relationships. Winvales Channel Distribution for Public Sector Program has tremendous benefits and has helped many companies reduce their business and compliance risks when selling to government and increase their marketing speed. Before your company decides whether it wants to execute its own GSA Schedule contract or a partner with a GSA distributor for the distribution of the authorities, you need to follow certain important steps to determine the way forward for your business. A PDA works best when a company keeps its own GSA calendar and then uses multiple resellers to sell its products. A company with a GSA calendar can control its prices while maintaining the flexibility to enter into agreements with a number of resellers. Since any reseller your company works with can be sold in another federal market, the market for your products is greatly expanded. However, companies that work with multiple resellers often face administrative problems in monitoring product prices. Such headaches do not exist when your company is in the GSA calendar and takes a PDA with a dealer, because the prices are set by schedule and are the same compared to each dealer.

    In the event that your company contracts a PDA with a reseller, you should consider changing your GSA calendar contract to include the PDA and the corresponding dealer in your calendar. Finally, the final step is to determine exactly what your business needs from the dealer. It is often a critical decision to determine what the reseller should do with respect to the distribution of the federal government when making the right decision as to who will be the best partner. There are other requirements and obligations related to the manufacturer/reseller relationship (e.g.B. price lists, discounts, parts numbers, etc.) that are not included in this diagram. Navigating all of these requirements can be difficult. Although not complete, some recommendations are provided below. In June 2015, the Ministry of Justice announced that VMware, Inc. (VMware), designated as a manufacturer in the GSA language, and Carahsoft Technology Corporation (Carahsoft), a reseller, “agreed to pay $75.5 million to rebut accusations that they violated the False Claims Act (FCA) by misrepresenting their disclosures in sales practices and overcharging the government for VMware software products and related services.” A major colony of FCA linked to the GSA is certainly not a revolutionary new one.

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