Agreement South Sudan

    In the north of the unit, Pariang County is home to Rueng Dinka, the only Dinka group in the state. Fighting broke out on 20 December in Pariang, when some SPLA troops switched to the rebels. On 24 December, an estimated 400 defectors from Jaw, the northernmost SPLA operational base, headed south to positions held by SPLA troops loyal to Koang Chuol. On 26 December, the SPLA claimed to have destroyed 37 rebel vehicles in Pariang district, which remains in the hands of the SPLA. [114] “The parties to the peace agreement must do everything in their power to achieve a lasting peace that brings justice and stability to the country,” said Deprose Muchena. After a 48-hour ultimatum issued by Kiir Machar to return to Juba to move forward with the peace talks, the Juba SPLA-IO appointed negotiator Taban Deng Gai to succeed Machar and the government accepted him as current vice-president. Machar said all the discussions were illegal because Machar Gai had already fired. [211] Machar went into exile with the help of the United Nations, first in Kinshasa,[216] then in Sudan, then in South Africa, where he was reportedly placed under house arrest. [61] The outbreak of violence shocked the international community, but in reality, the current civil war has only intensified a process that has always been ongoing during the period of the 2005-2013 peace treaty. Instead of oil revenues, the military aristocracy returned to plundering and manipulating aid as one of the central means of acquiring wealth.

    Peace agreements are another source of resources. The agreement, which is due to be formally signed in early October, was hailed by the UN Secretary-General as a “historic achievement” and the international community also praised the Government of South Sudan for its positive role as a mediator and invited the group to join the peace process. Much depends on the implementation of the agreement and the experience of implementing the peace agreements in Sudan has been dismal, especially when it comes to bringing tangible benefits to the local population. CAIRO – Leaders of Sudan`s interim government and a number of rebel groups signed a peace agreement Saturday in Juba, South Sudan`s capital, that observers hope will end nearly two decades of conflict in war-torn areas, including Darfur.

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